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    Dr. Victor Bruce MD

    The Best Wealth is Health


  • Education & Training

    Maintaining a 20+ year medical career, Dr. Victor Bruce MD is a highly experienced and knowledgeable medical professional. He set the foundation for his career with the pursuit of his M.D. degree from the University of Ghana Medical School in 1991. This experience included an intercalated Bachelor of Science Scholarship Program from University College of London and Middlesex Hospital Medical School, which Bruce MD earned for being a top student at Ghana Medical School. Following his degree programs, he continued on to complete an Internship and Residency Training Program in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at Beth Israel Medical Center. Bruce MD has considered himself extremely fortunate to learn through hands-on experience: a process he explains is lifelong for all professionals across every industry! Committed to lifelong learning, he credits his professional experiences with equipping him with the knowledge necessary to not only treat patients and change lives, but save lives as well.

    Wellness Programs


    Throughout his career, Dr. Victor Bruce MD has set a lot of emphasis on the importance of wellness and preventative healthcare. He is a fierce proponent of guided weight loss; a concept he has discussed at length across interviews. In his own commitment to personal self-care, Bruce MD actively participates in martial arts, yoga, meditation, SCUBA diving and a slew of other outdoor activities that help him to feel centered and connected with nature.